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Lost in Me, or "losing oneself in oneself", represents a vision, a concept of style made of quality, creativity and research.

Lost in Me is synonymous with abandoning yourself in these clothes so enveloping, special, worked with expert hands and made with refined materials of the highest quality of manufacture. Find artisanal details, strictly Made in Italy, packed with cuts and cuts that stand out as much as possible the femininity of each woman.

The project was born from the will of Visconf, a company that has been on the market for over 70 years, and whose objective is to offer traditional clothing, updated and personalised according to the particularities and needs of modern society, using fabrics with a masculine taste revisited in a street touch, enriched with patterns, special finishes and furs to give women exclusivity, flexibility and freshness, based on style and couture.

What distinguishes the products is the harmonious contrast between the masculine image of the coats and the preciousness of the inlaid fur details and the graphic image of the star, the brand brand that represents the Self, the Ego, the search for exclusivity and identity that everyone seeks in an object to wear.

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