List of products by brand golden goose

The two Italian designers of the Golden Goose brand have been able to transcribe their travels and memories through collections of luxury shoes and clothing, perfectly thought out, in the perfect imperfect image of life.

Luxury brand founded in 2000 by Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo, Golden Goose, founded in Venice and today reach the skateparks of Los Angeles.

In the beginning, the choice of creation is based, as in a dream, on a strong desire to share stories and common experiences. Inspirations come from the many travels of the two creators and their memories, transforming their ideas into a proposal of style. The Italian tradition is essential for the luxury brand, craftsmanship and manual work are naturally the main and essential values of Golden Goose.

This tradition is essential for them, a symbol of luxury and know-how. The creators wish to preserve this tradition with the handmade symbolized through perfect imperfections. The brand is made of energy, positivity and common values giving free rein to creativity.

The watchword: "let everything be as imperfect as possible", in reference to life, which is not always perfect.